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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

We’ve got our reusable coffee cup with us whenever we go out, buy ethically made clothes, champion for slow fashion, carry our own grocery bag and choose locally grown, organic food at the supermarket. We are all making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Now what about our skincare routine? Many mainstream beauty products come with a variety of hidden environmental costs. But there are simple things that we can do that’s better for the planet as well as our skin. Here are some simple swaps you can make in your bathroom to ensure a more sustainable beauty routine.



We have an urgent plastic crisis. Truth is plastic is everywhere and it doesn’t disappear. Plastic is an incredibly versatile material; It’s made to last – for hundreds of years. On average, Australians use 130kg of plastic per person per year. And only about 12% of that gets recycled!! ( Even if a plastic bottle can be recycled, most of it ends up in landfill, as litter in parks or floating in our oceans. When it eventually does break down, it turns into tiny toxic particles called micro plastics which are then eaten by fish and other mammals before finding its way up the food chain to us.


Choose beauty products with more sustainable packaging. Glass is an excellent option as its 100% recyclable. And when it breaks down, it returns to its natural state; silica sand. In addition to this, you can up-cycle your used glass jars and give them a second life, long after its contents are used up. You can use it to store nuts or sugar or be used to house a tiny succulent.

Eve and Luxe glass jar with coconut elixir.



Many face wipes are predominantly plastic thanks to the inclusion of non-biodegradable polyester. Regardless of how you get rid of these, they are bad news for the environment. If you throw them away, they end up in land fill. If you flush them down the toilet, they cause blocks in sewages because they don’t disintegrate unlike toilet roll. Even if they end up making it through the sewages, they end up in our oceans and are consumed by fish and other marine life causing harm to them.


Choose reusable and biodegradable options instead like an organic muslin cloth or reusable cotton rounds instead of disposable ones. They are eco-friendly, re-usable and machine washable. Plus they are good for your wallet because you don’t have to keep restocking them as often as disposable face wipes.

Eve + Luxe coconut elixir jar with an organic muslin cloth, organic cotton rounds instead of disposable face wipes.



Our oceans are under threat. Chemicals in cosmetics can be devastating for ocean reefs. Scientists have discovered that up to 10% of coral reefs are threatened by sunscreen-induced bleaching. Harsh chemicals that might be present in our everyday personal care products go down the drain and into our waterways every time we shower, bathe or wash our hands.


Choose products with ocean safe ingredients. Whenever possible, choose organic, natural, plant-based ingredients free from ocean pollutants and harsh chemicals. Not only are they good for the environment, they are also safe to be consumed by the biggest organ in your body ; your skin

What are some swaps you’ve made in your beauty routine to be more eco-conscious? Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Eve and Luxe Coconut Elixir Jar with packaging, pure natural goodness, no preservatives, no fragrances.100% Natural.

100% pure, certified organic, beauty grade coconut oil – zero preservatives or synthetic fragrances

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